Hypoid Gear Oil (GL5) 85W90 1l

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Approvals: API GL5 | MB-Approval 235.0 | MIL-L 2105 D | ZF TE-ML 16C | ZF TE-ML 17B | ZF TE-ML 19B | ZF TE-ML 21A | ZF approval number ZF000695

Mineral low-viscosity hypoid gear oil. For vehicles with tried and tested transmission technology. Even under the most difficult conditions and during large temperature fluctuations, it ensures flawless aggregate functioning. Provides a stable lubricating film. Provides great lubrication security along with ideal wear protection.

For highly stressed vehicle transmissions without limited-slip differentials, especially axle drives with hypoid gears. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer’s instructions.

Technical Datasheet


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