LM 47 Long Life Grease with MoS2

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High-grade special grease. The MoS2 content provides the selected base grease with outstanding lubricity and high-performance properties that normal grease simply does not have. During operation, a permanently adhering, ultra-thin molybdenum disulfide film forms at the sliding surfaces. This film retains its lubrication properties for a long time even after the grease supply completely fails. Extremely long-lasting lubrication properties, can be delivered by central lubrication systems. Labeling according to DIN 51502 KPF2K-30. Operating temperature range: -30 °C to +120 °C, short term up to +130 °C.

For installation, maintenance and repair of vehicles, tools, construction, agricultural and printing machines. For highly stressed bearings and joints, splined shafts, threads and guides. For constant-velocity drive joints.

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